Audit & Fraud Software is the authorised distributor of CaseWare IDEA in Australia and New Zealand and is dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions to internal and external auditors, fraud investigators, risk managers and other similar professionals.


CaseWare, the global leader in audit analytics software, brings you IDEA Version Nine, the most user-friendly, high-performance audit analytics software available. By simplifying your workflow, IDEA increases the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the audit process and makes sense of it all for consistent, high-performance audits.


IDEA makes light work of data import, analysis, and reporting.

IDEA provides a structured framework for performing organised, efficient, and reliable audits that meet or exceed professional standards. Its simple yet comprehensive methodology accommodates every aspect of data analysis, from importing raw data to reporting actionable results. Import, analyse, and report in a breeze. A simplified workflow refines your focus for a response time as impressive as your insight.

Our aim is to assist organisations in maximising the powerful, user friendly functionality and rich features IDEA has to offer.


Our experienced team has been providing IDEA support services for over ten years and in that time have gained an in-depth knowledge of IDEA and its data analysis applications. We offer a variety of training courses to suit all levels of experience to ensure you learn how to get the most out of IDEA.


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